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Lopo - Formation Skydiving Our ‘LOPO’ is a trim fitting, fast falling suit with a low porosity Order form
Poly - Formation Skydiving Our ‘Poly’ suit is constructed from a hard wearing 65/35 poly-cotton fabric Order form
Excel - competition Our EXCEL suit is the ultimate fast fall, hardwearing suit for the serious competitor Order form
Slowpo Our SLOWPO is a suit for the heavier jumper, designed with a looser, bloused cut, and zero-P lining for extra lift Order form
Camera The Symbi Camera flyer’s suit comes in a choice of 2 different fabrics, 2 different fits and 3 different wing types Order form
Free Fly Our FreeFly range is available in a wide range of colours with a choice of harlequin panels, stripes or chevrons Order form
Free Fly Bottoms As above Order form
Bootie Bottoms Poly cotton jumpsuit pants with mega booties Order form
Hip Suit The Symbi HIP is designed with the serious Style and Accuracy jumper in mind Order form
Twin Zipper Classic instructor or student work suit Order form
Warm Wear Our thermal WARMWEAR range was developed for Skydiving to combat sub-zero winter conditions at 12000 ft Order form
Accesories Oversleeves, weight vests gear bags and packing matts Order form